How to start developing your my own gamification program? Nine steps to start (ENG)

If you are on internet or software bisnes, you might be thinking: “How to start developing my own gamification program?”
Of course there are plenty of opportunities to start, but here is nine easy steps to start building your own gamification program.

Remember that gamification is not just project. It process and you should have to give some time to yourself and your company to develop you program.

9 steps to developing a gamification program

  1. Pinpointing your business objectives
  2. Identifying the user behaviours that will drive your business objectives
  3. Choosing rewards
  4. Selecting game mechanics
  5. Choosing a framework
  6. Deciding whether to build or buy your gamification system and choosing a provider
  7. Assembling your gamification team
  8. Configuring and deploying your gamification program
  9. Using analytics to track your progress

I will be to open these steps in more details on my later post.