How to identifying the users behaviours, part 2/2 (ENG)

This is second and last post of one of the most important think when you do gamification: identifying the user behaviours. Previous post I wrote two most of commons thinks why people spend their money? These two thinks are:

that people try fill out their unfilled desire


they have instant pain which needs to be cure

In addition to these two thinks there are few others which are the most deepest essence of being humans. In this video, Daniel Pink explain really well what really motivates us. It’s not money, car or good benefits of work. The true motivation comes from three thinks:


Autonomy means that, we have autonomy decide what we do and how we think. If somebody else give us task, it don’t really motivates us. We can work on situation where someone, like leader, have control our actions but real motivation means autonomy environment where we live. Example leaders should give people free to decide how they manage theirs job.

Doing thinks where we can feel that we are master of this think motivates us. Finding our personal mastery is not a easy trick but it’s worth of looking. Every people are good in something. Good leaders for example help workers find and train their personal mastery.

Maybe the hardest thinks to find on these three thinks is purpose. We have to find our real purpose of living and then think our daily activities to steps on this. My personal example is that I work on volunteer fire department. Job is really exciting and I learn every time new thinks but the real purpose behind the motivation is the helping people. And the best price of this job is the thanks what people gives from their heart.

We should spend some time to think what is our real purpose. Of course it can be change like if we have kids. Then doing thinks which fill out our purpose and where we can be master. All this with autonomy to manage our selves and our motivation drives us trough the grey stone.

Gamification people should understands this motivation theory when we start thinking our users behaviours that will drive our business objectives. Example bank should not just sell saving account product to parents because parents purpose is make their kids good future. The sell speech should something like:

I offer you good solution to make you child future better. It’s easy to use every time you want and are best of you. Our academy will help you to take mastery of your family economy. Decide you to choose this or not, it is good decision.


How to identifying the users behaviours, part 1 (ENG)

I write earlier how to start developing gamification program? There is 9 easy steps to start. In second steps is

2. Identifying the user behaviours that will drive your business objectives

This step can be really hard to achieve, because users are so different. How ever, there are few common thinks, which researchers are found what are common to people and can help you to identifying your users behaviours.

What people usually looking for?

Coaches and sales consultant are find out, that most of the people looking for two thinks when they buy something.
They have on their mind:

unfilled desire
instant pain

These two thinks drives their decisions. If you can help people to achieve both, it is the best solutions. Usually products can only one. You have to ask by ourself: “Does your business goals and products answer these peoples needs? If they don’t, how you have to change them? I they do, what are your user action to fill their needs with your products?

One example to use people basic needs

You running up a restaurant. You offer a great a’la carte. You have set up your business goals, that you need more customers to evening. You understand that your restaurant can help people to achieve their desires to spent wonderful evening with their spouse.

Of course you tell that on your marketing but you identifying your users behaviours which get you more customers to evening. In this case, these people behaviours might be:

– They ask you to make table reservation for specific time
– They search tips to something romantic together on internet forums
– They eat usually out after work
– They anniversary is near

People have lot’s of different behaviours but you find which are best ones in your business. In that case, it might be good idea to use gamication to your restaurant employees figuring out when our customers have their anniversary and then courage people to do more table reservation. These thinks can help you achieve your business goals better.